Venomous Snakes Helped Save My Life | BEAST BUDDIES

Published June 5, 2020 1,453 Views

Rumble MEET the daredevil 19-year-old who LOVES snakes - including deadly venomous ones. Student Bryce Broom lives in South Africa and boasts a reptile room with a variety of snakes from all around the world. His current collection includes five ball pythons, two snouted cobras, corn snakes, a variety of geckos and a pair of cape cobras - Africa's most toxic cobras. Bryce was given eight months left to live due to serious health complications, but he claims that snakes have literally saved his life by giving him hope and a sense of purpose. Bryce told Beastly: "I don't like calling my snakes a collection because they are part of my family." Bryce spends most of his daily routine taking care of his beloved pets... Bryce has been handling dangerous animals for as long as he can remember: "I've got photographs of me handling tiny little crocodiles when I was tiny myself," said Bryce. The most dangerous animal Bryce owns is a year-old cape cobra with an attitude: "Most Cobras bluff and just strike at you with their mouth closed but not her, she will come at you with mouth open just ready to bite - they have a potent neurotoxic venue that shuts down your nervous system, it's a nasty bite," Bryce added.

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