Baby cockatoo learns how to play fetch with owner

Published June 3, 2020 34,422 Views

Onni is a baby umbrella cockatoo who has a special relationship with his human friend. At age 2 Onni is very much a baby as cockatoos can live up to 80 years in captivity.

Here his brother, Chet, started to teach him how to play catch. To make it easy, Chet used a sock. Given the fact that cockatoos have the intelligence above that of a 3 year old human, it is no surprise that he caught on very quickly. In fact it seems that he got a bit bored in the end from doing something so repetitive.

Cockatoos need a lot of attention and out of cage time as possible to be happy and healthy. Engaging them in games such as this one is a perfect example of the enrichment they need.

The umbrella cockatoo, also known as the White Cockatoo, lives in the rainforests of the Indonesian islands. Due to human encroachment and deforestation, these cockatoos are endangered in the wild.

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