A 3-Step Skincare Routine to Rejuvenate Midwest Skin

Published June 2, 2020 3 Views

Rumble If there’s one thing that’s certain about Wisconsin, it’s just how dynamic the weather can be! Our skin stands the test of time – through snow, rain, hot, cold, and everything in-between. Luckily, there’s a skincare secret that we have in our back pocket. Ulli Haslacher with Pour Moi Skincare shows just how unique and transformative their Climate-Smart Skincare line is...all depending on the weather! Today she shows us the 3-Step Rotating System for the Midwest and their Clarifying Polish. Pour Moi has TWO special offers for Morning Blend viewers! The Climate-Smart 3-Step Rotating System is on sale for $75 (originally $150) and the Clarifying Polish is on sale for $25 (originally $32). To take advantage of this great deal and rejuvenate your skin today, visit PourMoiSkincare.com/Milwaukee.