Rescued cat has the most adorable vet exam ever

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Stella is a wonderful and affectionate cat with four ears, due to a rare genetic mutation. She loves attention all day long and will even ask for her belly to be rubbed for more than the usual three seconds.

Here, she is getting her regular checkup. Stacey, a Registered Veterinary Technician is checking her microchip to see that it is still detectable. She checks Stella's heart and lungs, and her overall health. Stella loves her checkups and her clinic family. This is the best day ever for her!
Stella has two regular ears, but she also has two smaller ears that are distinct and separate from her larger ears. They sit behind the functional ears and they do not have ear drums or an ear canal. They do not cause Stella any difficulty nor do they give her superior hearing capabilities.

The recessive gene which causes this to happen is extremely rare. It does not have a name and is not fully understood, but it is believed to exist in conjunction with reproductive and balance issues. When Stella was born, her owner decided that she was not worth keeping. He walked into a veterinary clinic with Stella in a box and he dumped her, without explanation and without even leaving his name. Stella was pregnant at the time and was in medical distress. Her kittens had died in her womb and she was dying herself due to a life-threatening infection.

Stella was given an emergency C-section to remove her kittens and save her life. Stella recovered, although she suffers from neurological problems that are a result of her genetic mutation and her infection. Stella is a beautiful soul with a fondness for people and other animals, and she has made a wonderful addition to the family at the Sherbrooke Heights Animal Hospital in Peterborough, Ontario. She is a favorite among the clients who visit Sherbrooke Heights. She had also found a friend and snuggle buddy in one of the other clinic cats named Alvin. Sadly, Alvin passed away recently due to cancer. Now, Stella greets clients at the front lobby of the clinic as they arrive with their pets.

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