Scuba diver has magical swim with critically endangered sea turtle

Published May 31, 2020 1,763 Views $8.73 earned

Scuba diving is a sport that creates unforgettable memories for those brave enough to strap on air tanks and slip beneath the surface to explore a magical and mysterious world. The corals and reefs create an endless display of beauty. The animals are unlike anything we could encounter on the surface.

Some of the most magical encounters happen when a scuba diver meets up with a sea turtle. Beautiful, graceful, and extremely gentle, these animals are endearing as well as fascinating. This is a critically endangered sea turtle which is a rare treat for a scuba diver to happen upon. With a respectful approach, this diver in Belize spent several minutes gliding over the reef with the turtle completely unconcerned about her presence. An encounter like this is peaceful and surreal and one that will never be forgotten.

Hawksbill sea turtles were hunted to near extinction for their ornate shells. Laws have been put in place to protect this beautiful creature. Through conservation efforts and tourism which supports education and recovery, the hawksbill numbers are starting to rebound.

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