Lielongren $40 webcam review

Published May 31, 2020 789 Views $0.03 earned

Rumble / Tech ReviewsThis webcam performs like I would expect a $40 webcam to perform. The video quality is actually pretty decent - details are good, and it isn't thrown off by auto-focusing. Colors don't pop as much as I would like and things seem a little washed out or muted, but not a huge deal. The angle isn't as wide as I would prefer, but that's workable. I've noticed various flickers/jumps in the video like a bad connection or "dust in the wires" when using this in OBS. It hasn't been a huge issue since I'm using this as a secondary camera angle, but I noticed it in recordings.

The microphone quality is horrendous. Luckily, I wasn't purchasing this for the audio, but if I was I would not be happy - the audio is muffled and barely audible on the recordings I've taken to test it. I recommend using an external headset/microphone if you need it.

The little stick that it comes with to make it sit on a monitor is a bit janky, and doesn't allow for many angle or tilt options. It works - I was able to put this on both a flatscreen PC monitor and on a Mac laptop and it was just fine. Just not as versatile as most webcams out there.

For a $40 webcam, this will get you up and running with video. Just don't depend on the audio and you'll likely be satisfied.