Overjoyed golden retriever puppies flow like a river of cuteness into back yard

Published May 30, 2020 55,251 Views $31.88 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesGolden retriever puppies might be the fluffiest, cutest, most adorable animals in the world. Their beautiful faces seemed to be locked in a perpetual smile as they approach each new moment with excitement and joy. They bounce, run, roll, and fall adorably over each other to get to anything new and interesting.

These puppies are enjoying their last few days with their breeders at As Good As Gold near Peterborough, Ontario. They will soon be going to their carefully selected forever homes, many of them with children to play with all day long. Golden retrievers make wonderful pets and family companions and they are exceptionally good with children.

These puppies love their back yard playtime and they are thrilled when the nap time enclosure opens and the green grass and open air await. They flow like a river of furriness over the steps and leap through the air into the yard. Once there, they will dig in the dirt, chew at anything new, and sniff at their parents through the fence. The older dogs are eager to join in the fun too and they wait patiently at the gate for their turn to come in and be with the pups.

One of the best parts of all though is when the mothers come in and stand still so the pups can latch on and enjoy a drink of fresh milk. The puppies have been eating solid food for a few days and their milk drinking will soon come to an end. The mothers will be relieved and will finally have more time for their own fun when this duty is over. Mother golden retrievers are incredible parents.

When selecting a breeder, it is not hard to find an operation such as this one where dog health and well-being is the highest priority. You will know a good breeder or kennel because they will proudly show you their facilities, the parents, the pups, and they will offer advice on nutrition, vet care, and dog health. Past clients and veterinarians can provide background and inside advice on their quality and their ability to provide ongoing support. And very importantly, prospective clients will also feel that they too, are being interviewed and assessed for their own suitability as dog owners. It is well worth the time to seek out proper breeders and boycott back yard puppy mills.