Stealthy wild deer incredibly pickpockets this man for corn

Published May 29, 2020 4,667 Views $5.28 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThis is a wild deer that lives in a beautiful forest where hunting is not allowed. It is a protected area and the deer have been accustomed to the safety of this wonderful place. They have become accustomed to humans as well and have developed enough trust that they do not flee at the sight of a person. Watching from a distance is not difficult, but approaching closer is generally not something they will tolerate.

This man has found that by remaining very still and patiently waiting, the deer will approach curiously and they will sniff at him and even allow him to hand feed them. After this deer figured out that the man had more corn in his pocket, the deer decided to stick its nose right in and help itself. It was actually confident enough to pick his pockets. This was shocking and amusing to the man with the corn and he couldn’t help but laugh at this very bold little deer.

Expecting that the deer might venture close enough to get some interesting footage, there was a camera mounted on a tree branch above. But nobody would have ever expected footage quite like this!

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