Training Giant Schnauzers - The $37,000 Guard Dogs I Big Dogz

Published May 27, 2020

Rumble DUBBED 'a wolf in sheep's clothing', the Giant Schnauzer is a breed of dog that might look docile but hides an aggressively protective nature. Leedor Borlant of Protection Dogs Worldwide has been training protection dogs for over a decade and says the Giant Schnauzer is one of the hardest breeds to train, making them cost from £30,000 upwards. Leedor's associate trainer Matt owns a Giant Schnauzer himself: "The reason why I got this breed in the first place was because of my asthma - a lot of the dogs used to set the asthma off and I found that the Giant Schnauzer didn't". Matt has returned to Protection Dogs Worldwide for a refresher session with his Giant Schnauzer Achilles: "He's back today just to see where he is after a period of time out - is it still going to perform after two years of doing nothing?" Matt said. Most people would associate the Schnauzer breed to the miniature and standard-sized one, whereas the giant ones are pretty rare. "I would still class them as cute and cuddly, with an underside that not many people see," said Matt.