Aggressive Dolphin Trying to Court Diver

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Rumble / Ocean LifeOccurred on September 3, 2012 / Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Info from Licensor: "'Stinky' was a loner bottlenose dolphin who cruised Cayman waters since 2008. There were many encounters over the years, alas they also became increasingly aggressive. Having no mates to court as there aren't resident dolphin pods in Cayman waters, he became a sexually frustrated male. In my case the dolphin tried to hold me down on the ground, which was fortunately only some 30 feet deep.
As I hardly had bottom time and had plenty of Nitrox left, my life wasn't in danger by DCI or Nitrox intoxication. Things could have been very different should this have happened a bit further out, at the 6,000 feet deep wall."