Gigi Hadid Talks About Plastic Surgery

Published May 22, 2020 30 Views

Rumble Model Gigi Hadid is currently the face of Maybelline.
Allure reports that she recently joined Erin Parsons, the brand's lead makeup artist, for an Instagram Live session.
They talked about her pregnancy and her views on plastic surgery.
Gigi denied that she's ever had work done, saying "People think I do fillers on my face and that’s why my face is round. I’ve had this since I was born."
Although she doesn't knock anyone who wants to go under the knife, she says that plastic surgery terrifies her.
She adds, "I feel like I'm too much of a control freak that I'm like, what if it goes wrong?"
Gigi says that she prefers to makeup over surgery, saying it's a beautiful tool and will also allow you to "accept your beautiful face for exactly how God made it and your mama and dada."