My Hyena Attacks Everyone But Me | BEAST BUDDIES

Published May 22, 2020 292 Views

Rumble YOU would not want to cross paths with this man's hyena. Animal trainer Luke Cornell has been working with deadly animals in the film industry for over thirty years. His South Africa farm called 'Cornellskop' boasts an animal menagerie that includes lions, cheetahs, ostriches, baboons and many others. Assistant trainer Shané has been working with Luke for over four years and is confident working with all the animals at Cornellskop - except one. Hyena Lola is a loyal and loving animal towards Luke, but anyone else that crosses her path "is meat". Luke said: "If I'm not in the vicinity you can stroke Lola through the fence and she will be really sweet, the minute I'm in with her she turns into a psycho." For the first time in years, Luke attempted to get Lola to finally warm up to Shané, but it didn't quite unfold as they hoped - with Lola having to be pulled back after darting towards Shané aggressively. Shané said: "I'm terrified of being alone with Lola, she's an apex predator. If I were to go in with Lola I would probably end up in hospital or be dead."