Meet Aftermath's Son - Marshall The 115lb Merle Bully | BIG DOGZ

Published May 20, 2020 113 Views

Rumble A MONSTER merle bully is vying for the title of the UK’s most unique dog. Mikki Wills owns MegaBuilt Bullies’ King Marshall and claims the 115-pound dog is the UK’s first lilac merle tri XL bully. The impressive canine is the son of MegaBuilt Bullies’ famous merle bully ‘Aftermath’, and was imported into the UK from Vancouver in 2018. Mikki, who runs Cheadle-based Bullies & Luxury UK, told Barcroft Studios: “Marshall will always be king of the merles. His coat pattern is phenomenal. He was the first merle in the UK and he’s a big eye-opener. He gets stopped all the time in the street just because of the patterns on his coat and how big and heavily-set he is.” ‘Merle’ refers to the dog’s appearance and in Marshall’s case means he has a combination of brown and champagne tones in his coat. At 22-inches tall and with a 25-inch head, Marshall is a unique and sought-after bully, with his puppies selling for as much as £8,500. He’s joined by four other dogs at Bullies and Luxury UK: Panda, Ultimate Bullies’ Cercei, and Bamboo who is already shaping up to be bigger than Marshall at just nine months old.