Mischievous dog fetches stick then shakes water on his owner

Published May 16, 2020 1,626 Views $5.08 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesOliver is a Golden Retriever with a friendly streak a mile wide, and a slight mischievous side to go with it. On this sunny spring day, he and his owner were enjoying a walk along the shore of Lake Ontario. Oliver was doing his usual routine, wading in the shallows, running on the beach, and trying to get every stranger to play with him.

Oliver spotted Dave coming the other way and Dave spotted Oliver. The two instantly understood this age old game and they knew they were both powerless to resist. They were both drawn to the game of "throw the stick in the water". Oliver ran up and dropped the stick at Dave's feet, with an expectant look. Dave picked it up and Oliver wasn't even waiting to see if the game was on. He was already running for the water, as if begging Dave to throw it out there.

Oliver pounced on the stick and brought it back, which was a completely predictable dog response, but what was funny about Oliver's part in this was that most of the times he brought the stick back, he ran up to his owner to put the stick down and shake the water off.

Oliver's owner obviously understood that this was going to happen and she turned away to shield herself from the inevitable shower. Golden Retrievers are one of the least malicious animals on earth. They have what seems to be a perpetual smile and a fun-loving nature, but could Oliver be mischievous enough to enjoy spraying his owner as he shakes? Or could he simply think that he enjoys the water so his favourite person must also enjoy it, even just a little?

Oliver's owner explained that she got his as a rescue when he was a puppy. It seems that whatever his background was, he's certainly found the right home and the perfect companion. He's a very happy dog who is obviously getting all the love and attention that a Golden Retriever can handle.