You can protect others by simply shutting your pie hole

Published May 14, 2020

Rumble / Weird ScienceBeing a loud talker may help people hear you, but it can also help make them deathly ill.

According to Business Insider, a mere minute of loud speech can produce over 1,000 coronavirus-containing droplets.

A new study has found these droplets can linger in the air for eight-plus minutes, presenting what the authors call a "likely mode of disease transmission."

The research also suggests that louder speech produces a higher number of droplets.

What's more, those droplets can then remain in the air for eight minutes or longer.

The study found that droplets from speech shrink to between 20% and 34% of their original size after they're released into the air.

That slows down the speed at which they fall to ground, meaning they can remain in the air for several minutes.


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