Tibetan Mastiffs - The 200lbs 'Bear Dogs' | BIG DOGZ

Published May 13, 2020 13,314 Views

Rumble HUGE dogs with coats that make them look like bears are being produced at a kennel which claims to offer the “dog of your dreams”. Aleksandr and Nina Khilyk run Kinu Liutas Kennels, a Ukraine-based business that’s home to some of the most unusual looking dogs in the world. The couple specialise in the Tibetan Mastiff – an ancient breed notable for their large frames and extremely hairy coats. Nina told Barcroft Studios: “The Tibetan Mastiff is one of the most ancient breeds in the world. They're flawless guards, excellent friends and companions. Kinu Liutas is the most unique breeding ground in the world. It has something no other place has. It has a dog of your dreams.” The breed can grow to as tall as 80cm, with the largest Mastiff at Kinu Liutas measuring 75cm. At Kinu Liutas, the Tibetan Mastiffs are afforded a luxurious existence with their own bathroom, a training room, a room for puppies, and very soon a swimming pool just for dogs. In fact, one whole floor of the Khilyk’s four-story house is dedicated to the dogs. And while the couple say they breed for themselves, they have managed to establish a successful business from their dogs, and have never sold a puppy for less than 10,000 Euros. But the main thing for Aleksandr and Nina is simply owning such rare dogs. Aleksandr said: “When you come home from work and 100 kilos of joy run towards you and push you onto the floor and you can't get up. Then three more happy little puppies join him – that's the happiness.”