Scuba divers in complete awe over gigantic loggerhead sea turtle

Published May 12, 2020 10,727 Views $1.18 earned

Rumble / Wild WildlifeLoggerhead sea turtles are the second largest of the living turtles, capable of growing to almost 2m (6 feet)in length and weighing up to 450kg (1,000lbs). The average size of a fully grown male is approximately 190kg (418lbs). They are enormous and powerful, with a head as big as a Saint Bernard dog. They feed on conch shells and the jaws are strong enough to pulverize the shell of even a large conch. Most scuba divers have heard of these turtles and some have been fortunate enough to see one, but they are a threatened species, with some populations listed as endangered, and sightings are very rare.

These lucky scuba divers were taking in the sights on the reef near San Pedro, Belize when they caught sight of this massive male cruising over the coral, looking for shells. They swam alongside this beautiful turtle for almost fifteen minutes. Strong enough to outswim a diver with just a few flaps of its powerful flippers, it was unconcerned with the humans around it. It continued looking under ledges and along coral fingers for food. It occasionally slowed or stopped and looked directly at the divers as if slightly curious about the clumsy creatures that followed it. The dive master was in complete awe over the size of this beast and he can be seen holding out his hands to emphasize the width of the turtle’s head as it gazed right at him. Despite being a very seasoned diver, he has never been lucky enough to see a loggerhead only a few feet away from him, looking him right in the eye. This male weighed approximately 180kg (400lbs) and has very little to worry about, aside from a large shark. Once mature, they have few predators.
Being able to witness such a magnificent animal in its natural environment is a thrill that these divers will not soon forget.

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