Man shares watermelon in the forest with a friendly wild deer

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This deer is one of a herd of wild deer that live in a protected area in Northern Ontario. There is no hunting allowed and the animals wander in a quiet and remote forest where there are few humans. But the people that they do see are respectful and non threatening and it is not uncommon to get a close look at a deer grazing in the distance. Sitting quietly, and almost motionless will sometimes tempt the deer to wander very close to have a curious look.

Dave has learned that sitting patiently and munching on an apple or a carrot will even bring the deer close enough to share. He will often toss apple slices or corn to the deer that are brave enough to come close. But he decided to see if they like watermelon. He sliced one open and munched away, hoping the sweet smell of the melon would be a tempting treat. This deer caught the aroma and boldly walked toward him. As he sat still, the deer inched closer and closer until it was able to stick its face right in. It was soon munching away happily as Dave held the watermelon for her.

The other deer in the herd were not so bold so Dave sliced up the melon and spread it around on the grass before walking away. He looked back to see that all the deer were gathered around, enjoying the watermelon just as much as the first.

While it is inadvisable to make wild animals accustomed to humans, this location is a bit of an exception as the deer can never be harmed as a result of forming a trust in people. And if you could sit and watch a wild deer savoring such a tasty treat, would you pass up the opportunity?

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