Newborn foal enjoys being petted just like a big dog

Published May 9, 2020 3,676 Views $4.28 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsFelix is a three week old foal with an incredible personality. Outgoing and playful, he enjoys bouncing around his pasture on sunny days. He enjoys it even more if he has someone to play with. His mother, Fling is a beautiful mare with a disposition to match. She trusts people and shows this as few mares would, by letting Felix's new friend, Dave sit on the ground and pet him like he was a big dog.

Felix rolls over on his back, asks for a belly rub, and even snores and grunts like he's loving the attention. He makes quiet sounds that resemble purring. When the petting stops, he paws at the dirt, nudges Dave and pushes up against him, clearly wanting all the attention that he can get.

This behaviour is unusual for a foal and Dave is delighted to have a chance like this. He was invited by Ali, to this beautiful farm where Felix and Fling live. Ali is as surprised by Felix's antics as Dave is and she sent Felix's owner a picture of what was going on. Understandably, the owner was also surprised to see her foal so relaxed with Dave.

The most surprising part of all of this was Fling's reaction. She wandered casually around, eating hay and grazing on grass. Although she seemed to be keeping an eye on the two, she was perfectly content to see all of this happening. Of course, Dave was thrilled with how accepting she was and how she trusted him to do her baby no harm. Mother horses can be protective and it would be understandable if she showed displeasure with Dave leaning over Felix. It was helpful that Felix and Dave had enjoyed some play time together before this and Fling could see how much fun the two of them were having.
This is one of those moments that would be difficult to describe and it was very fortunate that the interaction was caught on camera. It is a day that Dave will never forget. Spending time like this with animals is one of the most enjoyable ways to pass the time on a sunny day.