Playful dolphins swim among divers, giving them an unforgettable experience

Published May 7, 2020 3,018 Views $9.09 earned

Rumble / Unreal AnimalsDolphins are one of the most beloved and adored animals in the ocean. Their intelligence and playful nature appeal to people of all ages and almost everyone dreams of a close encounter with a dolphin. Inquisitive and curious, they occasionally approach scuba divers close enough to provide a close look for both the people and the pod of dolphins. But few people ever see them in the wild and even less are treated to a prolonged, close up interaction that is completely on the dolphins' terms.

These scuba divers in Belize are being led by a very seasoned scuba master, Nito, who is known throughout the worldwide dive community as "Big Sexy". Famous for his charisma and fun loving nature, as much as his serious side, Big Sexy has a talent for delivering memorable scuba diving experiences. Well acquainted with the reefs around his home on San Pedro Island, he can find underwater animals as well as anyone. But this dive topped them all when a pod of dolphins visited the group and spent almost five minutes swimming between and around the divers. They passed closely, rolled, clicked, and squealed, communicating with each other, and seemingly communicating with this group of visitors in their domain.

Dolphins are actually massive creatures that dwarf a human when seen close up. Their speed, grace, and incredible beauty are awe inspiring and they perfectly illustrate just how clumsy we are when we enter their domain. The divers' excitement couldn't be contained as we hear them squealing with delight through this magical encounter.