Mercedes Actros 2663 - The 75ft Lowrider Truck | RIDICULOUS RIDES

Published May 7, 2020 137 Views

Rumble FEAST your eyes on this award-winning super customised Mercedes Actros 2663 lowrider truck. Dry powder transport vehicles aren't generally known for their good looks - but Helsinki, Finland is home to something a little different. Transformed into a lowrider, this pride-of-the-fleet truck is 75ft long and boasts a 630 horsepower. Arto Simola, one of the truck’s mechanics told Truly: “We tried to create something new and awesome looking. I think we have succeeded on that one.” To do this, the team used custom-made parts, out of stainless steel. Arto explained: “We have tried to modify almost everything, more horns, more sound – so people can notice us.” Unsurprisingly when transforming such a truck to a lowrider, off-the-shelf parts aren't an option. “Everything here is handmade, you cannot buy these from any store.” This lowrider project took one year to complete, because of the intricate details added to the vehicle. This included a handcrafted side skirt and bespoke wheels. The 75ft long truck boasts 630 horsepower from a 12-litre V6 engine, weighing just over 52,900 pounds. The distinctive look is completed by a 2,500-hour airbrush paint job. The truck isn’t just for show, it also serves industrial companies in the area – driving around 250 to 500 miles every day. Arto is proud of how the handcrafted truck has come together. “I think you put passion in creating something like this, it's about challenging yourself and doing something people haven't seen before. It’s really nice to work with the coolest truck in the world.”

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