WORST Healthcare furloughing in history due to Government restrictions

Published May 5, 2020 361 Views

Rumble Today's special episode is an interview with, Job Creators Network member, Rick Jackson, CEO of Jackson Healthcare.

Rick appeared on The Laura Ingraham Show to discuss this current crisis, explaining that contrary to general perception, only 10% of US hospitals are dealing with coronavirus patients. Yet, a ban on elective surgery is crippling an industry that typically provides $10 billion a day in economic activity.

"We need to do three things: remove government restrictions from all patient services, keep the PPE [personal protective equipment] tests coming, and get out of the way of physicians and hospitals because they know how to deal with this, they know when they can help patients and make this safe for everybody," said Rick during the interview. He previously wrote an op-ed in Newsweek expressing these concerns.