Exhausted puppy flops down for a nap after playtime with brothers and sisters

Published May 1, 2020 9,628 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThis is Sophie, a beautiful little pup, born as part of a litter of nine fluffy puppies. Her mother, Stella is a beautiful Bernese Mountain dog with a lovely disposition. Her father, Dexter, is a strapping and handsome Maremma. They are the perfect parents to these nine gorgeous dogs with equally beautiful personalities. They are love children, born after Dexter and Stella found a quiet moment to run off into the woods and start a family. Their love tryst came just before they were scheduled for a little family planning surgery at the veterinary clinic. But their love could not wait and they managed to beat the clock.

It was a blessing in disguise since their puppies are so adorably perfect. Dexter and Stella could not be more proud. They play with and care for them well. Stella nurses them daily and they are slowly being weaned off their mother's milk. In a few more weeks they will be brought to their carefully selected forever families.

Until they leave, the puppies will continue to enjoy life on this wonderful farm. They have meadows to play in, a forest to explore, streams to traverse, and a few small animals to get acquainted with. Their life is as perfect as they are. All of this play time and exploring has worn little Sophie out and she flops down, exhausted in the grass. After a brief rest though, she is up and running. The nap that she needs will have to wait until her brothers and sisters are also ready to nap. A puppy's life is a busy one!