Tiny bird follows tourist to beg for a drink from his water bottle

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Rumble / Unreal AnimalsThis tiny bird lives on a very remote island in the Galapagos. There are no lakes or rivers on the island and no reliable sources of fresh water. The rain that falls has nowhere to collect for any length of time, and the animals have adapted to the long, dry seasons. The islands here have been referred to as "Hell on earth" due to their arid conditions in the summer. They are also called "Islands Born of Fire" because they formed when pillars of molten lava were pushed upwards from the ocean floor, hardening into the land masses we see today. But the islands are also incredibly beautiful, and they are filled with some of the most unique and diverse wildlife on the planet.

On this island, moisture from condensation can occasionally be found in small caves but even this is unreliable. So, when this tourist arrived on the island and hiked along the trails, he found that he had a small companion as he walked the trail along the top of a ridge and through some brush. The birds here have no predators and they rarely see humans. They have not learned to fear people.

This little fellow hopped along on the ground and stopped occasionally to look at the man expectantly. After a few minutes, the tourist stopped and reached for his bottle of water that was strapped to the side of his backpack. He noticed that the bird became very interested in the bottle as he did this. It was then that the man realized the bird was thirsty and had somehow recognized the bottle as a source of water. He opened the top and crouched down. The bird eagerly stuck his beak in the bottle and took a few sips. The man poured some in a small indentation in the rock and also let the bird drink as much as he wanted from the bottle.

Normally, interfering with wildlife, even with good intentions is very unwise. But in this case, the tourist could not resist the request made by a thirsty little bird. His pleading look and fearless nature melted the tourist's heart. He was also in disbelief that such a wild creature would seek water from a human.

The bird watched the man for a few more moments before flying off to the trees.

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