She's Not 'An Old Hag' - She's My Girlfriend! | LOVE DON'T JUDGE

Published April 30, 2020 346 Views

Rumble A lesbian age gap couple get mistaken for being mother and daughter. It’s not unusual when Rose Chiauzzi, age 28, and her 50-year-old girlfriend Kimberly Garland, go out in public to be mistaken for mum and daughter rather than lovers. Rose is a full-time student who isn’t averse to posing in her bikini on Instagram and has worked in the entertainment industry while Kimberley is a former military employee from Tennessee who only came out as gay in her forties. The pair, who now live together in Warsaw, NY, first connected through a mutual friend; and after four months of talking on the phone and emailing one another, Rose said she decided “on a whim” to book a plane ticket down from New York state to Tennessee and meet Kimberly in person. With a 22-age gap and several states between them, it took unusual circumstances for the couple to even meet. Kimberly had signed up to online dating but was being taken advantage by scammers. After coming across the number of someone who was also potentially about to be duped, Kimberly decided to call them and warn them. That person was Rose’s friend. Rose then called Kimberly to warn her off the dating sites altogether and they hit it off from there.