Scuba divers experience an unforgettable visit from giant, friendly sea turtle

Published April 29, 2020 2,646 Views $20.51 earned

Rumble / Wild WildlifeLoggerhead sea turtles are extremely rare and few scuba divers ever get a close look at one underwater. They are massive animals, capable of reaching weights of nearly 450kg (1,000lbs). A full grown loggerhead has an enormous head that would dwarf even a saint Bernard dog.

These scuba divers in Belize were drifting along over the coral and sea fans, enjoying the beautiful colours and sights when they spotted a very large turtle coming straight for them. Respectfully, they drifted towards the turtle and it swam straight for them, obviously curious enough to check them out. The turtle is big enough that he doesn't fear anything except a fully grown shark. Carrying an armoured shell for protection and being capable of inflicting a crushing wound with his enormous jaws, the turtle knows he does not have to worry about these humans. Surprisingly swift in the water, the turtle can easily outswim a clumsy scuba diver with ease. But turtles don't usually have much reason to approach people either, and this encounter was a rare treat for this group. Loggerheads can be bolder during mating season and they will occasionally investigate scuba divers and then swim on their way, This one seems to want to meet everyone in the group, especially the one with the camera. At the end, he even seems to give the diver a big wink.

When this dive was over, the group met on the surface and excitedly talked about this massive visitor. This is a dive that none of them will ever forget.

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