Training $70K Attack Dogs... With Our 4 Year-Old I BIG DOGZ

Published April 29, 2020 1,217 Views

Rumble MOST four-year-old girls are happy playing with toys but one badass toddler is busy training protection dogs. Kennedy helps her parents Steve Cabral and Ariana Santiago train a team of elite protection dogs at Fine Line Family K9. Based in Florida, the company specialises in dogs that can become family pets, but can also turn on the aggression at a moment’s notice to ward off intruders. Kennedy helps the business by feeding the dogs, walking them through agility courses, and training them to take down decoys on attack commands. Owner, Steve, said: “Kennedy helps us train the dogs, lets the dogs out, feeds the dogs, and sneaks some treats when she’s not supposed to. We do worry about her safety a little bit, but the reality is these dogs were raised with kids, they know Kennedy. Kennedy has been dealing with these dogs, we’re not just putting her next to a strange dog.” Alongside protection dogs, Steve and Ariana provide service dogs to those in need, behaviour modification training, and obedience training. The company works with a range of breeds, from German Shepherds and Malinois, to Rottweilers and even labradoodles. Kennedy’s favorite is Tasha, a Belgian Malinois that has formed a bond with the four-year-old and is ready to defend her at any moment. “I hope Kennedy takes over the company tomorrow,” said Steve. “I’m sick of shoveling dog poop.”