Rescued puppy is ecstatic over her first snowfall

Published April 28, 2020 4,103 Views $7.14 earned

River is a puppy who has an appreciation for life and all the good things that come with it. She was thrilled to get outside after the first big winter snowfall. Confused at first by the fluffy white stuff on the ground, she quickly decided that she liked it a lot. She rolled happily on the ground and slid around like she was an otter in the mud. She looked happily at her owner as she did so. River loves the snow like few other dogs. She also learned that she could dig in the deeper drifts and pounce face first into the snow banks.

River seems to understand that life is precious and that each moment should be lived to the fullest. She was brought to the emergency veterinary clinic when she was less than a year old. She had a complicated set of health problems and she was failing quickly. She came from a loving home and her owners were very devoted, but even the cost of diagnosing her illness was going to be overwhelming. The ongoing treatment that the veterinarian predicted was going to be more complicated and costly than any family could manage.

Reluctantly, they faced the difficult decision that they needed to end River's suffering humanely. As the staff were preparing River for her last moments, the veterinary assistant, Serena, realized that she had fallen in love with this beautiful little soul. She knew that her expertise would help her manage River's medical needs. Her mother is also a veterinarian at another clinic and Serena made a quick phone call to see if the two of them could work together to save this dog from death. River was literally moments from her last breath when Serena told her family that there was a hope. They readily agreed to let Serena adopt River and give her a second chance.

Although the cost is significant, and the care requires daily monitoring and frequent blood work, River has enjoyed a new chance. She doesn't miss any opportunity for fun and enjoyment and she cherishes Serena as if she knows how she was rescued from certain death. River continues to do well and to make the most of every moment.

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