Devoted mother bird feeds her nest of newborn babies

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Rumble / Wild WildlifeThis beautiful little bird has her hands full. She spends her entire day in search of food for her ravenous babies.With a basket nest woven out of grass, birch bark, animal fur, and grass, she has been working hard long before the babies even arrived. The nest itself is a marvel of architecture, hanging from a small tree branch above a path on a remote island in Northern Ontario. A family cottage is situated on the island and the cottagers were impressed with the beautiful nest. They kept a close watch and saw that the little wren soon had eggs in the nest. Soon after that, a little family was born and the mother bird hasn't rested since.

The babies sleep soundly until the mother is heard flying in. Even a small movement of the branch wakes them up and their little beaks open wide in anticipation of a meal.

This little bird brings back flying insects, caterpillars, and crawling insects of all kinds, then she stuffs them into the eager mouth of one of the babies. She must keep a careful count of which baby gets which snack, and she keeps them all fed equally by the end of the day.

Within seconds of feeding a baby bird, she is off to get the next meal. The babies are asleep before she gets far but they will wake up in an instant when she returns. From sunrise to sunset, she barely rests. At night, she finds a comfortable position on top of them to keep them warm until the sun comes up. Then she repeats her foraging once again.

This little bird seemed curious about the camera that was set up on the branch above the nest and she looks at it curiously for a few seconds before deciding that it is nothing to be concerned with.

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