I See My Man As Sexy, Not Disabled | LOVE DON'T JUDGE

Published April 23, 2020 1,962 Views

Rumble WHEN people see Luke and Rebecca together, many assume she is his caregiver – when actually they are two independent individuals in a happy relationship. Luke David, 28, and Rebecca Gulle, 27, met at a sporting competition where Luke was playing in 2016. Despite being together for over three years, the couple often have to dispel assumptions that Rebecca is Luke’s carer. Rebecca told Truly: “I find it really frustrating when people don’t assume we are a couple or they assume I’m a carer – even though we are holding hands.” Luke was diagnosed with Nemaline Myopathy at 18 months old. The condition causes muscle weakness and hypoventilation. Unfortunately for the couple, there were some who had a harder time comprehending the relationship. “I think I’ve had more backlash with [Luke] than I have with any other relationship in my life.” Initially, those closest to them would ask intrusive questions about their future. However, it’s the misconceptions over Luke’s care that appears more difficult to straighten out. When they first started dating, Rebecca was a support worker which led to many assumptions regarding her role in Luke’s life. But early on, the couple decided to keep their relationship strictly romantic and separate from Luke’s care. Despite the ignorance that they receive, both Luke and Rebecca are enjoying seeing people become more educated with disability advocacy, particularly when it comes to relationships.