Curious wild deer bring fawns from the forest to meet man munching on a carrot

Published April 22, 2020 4,125 Views $0.02 earned

Rumble / Wild WildlifeIn a very remote spot in Northern Ontario, Canada, the deer have no reason to fear the humans they come across. They are wild, but they live in a protected area where no hunting is allowed. Over time, the deer have learned to that they do not need to flee when they encounter people. They will usually allow people to watch them from a respectful distance. But this man decided to see what would happen if he sat very still and made no sound, except for the crunching of a carrot.

It was a beautiful spring day and the sun was shining. It was the ideal time to sit on a log and enjoy nature. Then, as hoped, the deer wandered through the area where he sat. The deer watched him cautiously from a distance and then ventured closer. They grazed and looked, getting closer over time. They seemed to smell the carrot and understood the sound of him chewing it.

Curiosity overcame their fear and they wandered right up to him. At one point, more than ten deer surrounded him on all sides. To his surprise, one of them brought her two fawns out of the trees to check him out. These fawns have likely never been so close to a human before. They watched the older deer carefully for signs of danger and they followed their mother as she ventured very close. This was also this man's closest encounter with deer so young.

A doe will nurse her fawns throughout the first spring and early summer. She will hide the fawns in long grass or under branches while she grazes. She will lead danger away from them at the earliest sign of a threat, returning only when it is safe to do so. The doe and her fawns will spend a good part of the day being separated. It is very unusual for a doe to lead her fawns toward a human, or even another animal.

The man on the log can barely believe his good fortune, and he gets out his phone to snap a few pictures of the deer and her babies.

A few of the deer came close enough for him to share his carrot with them. This beautiful forest is a very peaceful and wonderful place to spend a few hours. To do so with the company of a herd of wild deer is an unforgettable experience.