Lamborghini owner lights a fire with his car exhaust, then has to act quickly

Published April 14, 2020 3,594,282 Views $1.09 earned

Rumble / Full Throttle CarsGhostrider is an anonymous philanthropist and exotic car owner who loves his Lamborghini AVentador SV. And being a big kid at heart, he likes to have fun with his car in unusual ways. When he discovered that the exhaust heat from his 700hp machine could light objects on fire, he decided to show his friend, Dave. Dave is also a big kid at heart, so it wasn't a surprise that he readily agreed to bring his GoPro and see what the two of them could accomplish.

Ghostrider had an empty case and Ace of Spades Champagne bottle. He decided to have a toast of a different kind. Placing the case and bottle behind the car, he revved the engine until flames shot out and lit the box on fire. The material inside caught quickly and created a bonfire that was almost three feet high. They didn't realize this right away and they also didn't realize how close the flames were to the paint. In a mild panic, Ghostrider hopped in and moved the car forward. Dave and Ghostrider laughed at the situation and at their unexpected near catastrophe.

Ghostrider has been using his cars to do more than just toasting things and revving his engine. He is one of the most enthusiastic members of a big-hearted car club called The North Face Rally. Together, this club has organized one of the biggest toy drives in Canada, collecting so many toys that they need two armoured cars to deliver them to the children at Christmas. Ghostrider has also organized car events that have raised money for cancer research and he has donated his cars for a Down Syndrome Gala to raise money for their community support.

In one of the most touching moves ever, he has handed over the keys to his Lamborghini so that Dave could chauffeur two cancer survivors around to make their dreams come true. Ghostrider remains anonymous, allowing Dave to do the driving and share in the fun.

It was actually their love of cars and their mutual love for charity and community support that solidified their friendship after they met on the road in a small Ontario city called Peterborough. Dave was a police officer on patrol and Ghostrider was on his way through town with The North Face Rally. Their traffic stop turned viral when they were captured on film as Ghostrider handed over his keys and urged Dave to take the Lambo for a spin. VICE was filming the club and they kept the cameras rolling for this surprising turn of events. It's not every day that a police officer gets a chance to drive a Lamborghini and Dave's excitement was obvious.

In typical Ghostrider fashion, even his videos accomplish good things with the proceeds funding the purchase of cancer medication for a three year old girl in South America. There is no end to the good that can be done with a heart as big as Ghostrider's.