Dolly Parton Wants to Recreate Her 1978 'Playboy' Cover

Published April 8, 2020 648,236 Views

Rumble In a recent interview with 60 Minutes Australia, 74-year-old Dolly Parton set a goal for her 75th birthday: a return to the cover of Playboy Magazine.

“I don’t plan to retire. I just turned 74 and I plan to be on the cover of Playboy Magazine again,” she said (as quoted by People). “See I did Playboy Magazine years ago and I thought it’d be such a hoot if they’ll go for it — I don’t know if they will — if I could be on the cover again when I’m 75.”

More specifically, Parton became the first country singer to become a Playboy cover model in October 1978. The cover photo shoot showed the country music icon in the iconic Playboy bunny outfit, complete with bunny ears and a bowtie.

Parton's cover shot promoted an in-depth article on her career, not that month's centerfold.

“I have been asked, back in the day, but that was so totally not me," she says on nudity, as shared on her website. "I would never do that… But that was a good article they ran in there, and it was just a fun thing to do. That was just another way I was trying to market myself, at that time, to kinda get in the mainstream…”

When asked if she'd wear the same outfit, Parton employed her signature charm, saying she likely could use it because "boobs are still the same."

“I’ve had about all the nips and tucks I can have,” she added about maintaining her iconic look. “The good part with me though, I have my own look. I look kind of cartoonish and cartoons don’t really age that much.”

Parton added, “Even when I’m 90, I’ll still probably look about the same way. Just thicker make-up and bigger hair.”

Parton's pondering a future issue of Playboy Magazine's cover while promoting a new A&E special titled Biography: Dolly. The April 12 broadcast will follow Parton from a childhood of poverty in East Tennessee to her earliest successes in Nashville, including her crowning moment as a songwriter, "Jolene."

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