Adorable dog does a silly tap dance when he smells chicken

Published April 8, 2020 723 Views

Rumble Do you have a favorite food? Well this 14 yr old poodle named Dice knows exactly what he likes. His favorite food is chicken in any form and when he smells it cooking he launches into his happy dance. He's just hoping for a tender morsel. He isn't fussy. He will take chicken in any form, baked, fried or even a little chicken in a microwave meal. They say that the sense of smell is the last thing to go, but this dogs snout can pick up the smell of chicken from a mile away. When he smells his favorite food he gets happy feet or should we say happy paws. He looks and sounds like a canine tap dancer as he balances on his hind legs doing the chicken dance.

How can you resist sharing a bite with him? He works so hard for his tidbits. Even when he is asleep upstairs the smell of chicken cooking somewhere in the house rouses him to investigate. Actually lean chicken is very healthy for a dog treat and it's even recommended for an upset tummy. Veterinarians often recommend some white rice with chicken for a dog suffering a tummy upset.

He is as cute as can be as he tip taps around the kitchen doing his begging whimper at the same time. It works like a charm because his humans always fall for his routine. Do your dogs have a favorite food? It is the rare dog that will ever turn down a juicy piece of chicken. Just remember to never give dogs chicken bones as they can splinter in the stomach and cause injury.

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