Battle between ants and wasps over deceased grasshopper

Published April 5, 2020

Rumble / Wild WildlifeThere is a battle going on over a deceased Grasshopper. At first the ants, with many, want to move the dead body of the grasshopper, but soon wasps want to take over and get their share of the meal. The ants don't give up though and try to scare off the wasps. A real battle has started .......

They attack the wasps and try to chase them away. After some attacks the wasps leave the prey and the ants go on with dissecting the grasshopper. This nature scenery took place in the summer on the island Lefkas in Greece. Some shots are in real time and others in slow-motion. Hope you enjoy this battle between the ants and the wasps!


  • VivianaBunea, 6 weeks ago

    Hi! You just win a friend here! 🤗❤️👍

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    • BenW, 6 weeks ago

      😂 Thanks! I lost the battle with this video, but this one got full distribution.

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