Superhero "grime" fighters help clean up the streets

Published April 4, 2020

Rumble / Everyday HeroesAbbotsford, British Columbia is a suburb and short drive from Vancouver. During these stressful times of the coronavirus pandemic, anything that can ease the stress of everyone's daily lives is always a pleasure to see. These two "superheroes" have been cleaning up the trash in Andreas neighborhood for a number of years. Andrea mentioned that for the seven years they have lived in the neighborhood, her children have always found it enjoyable to watch, and say hi to their local trash collectors.

On an early morning one day in early April 2020, like every other trash collection day Andrea and her children could hear the big truck coming from down the block. Once they were positioned in their regular viewing location, it was noticed something was different this day. This day was extra special. The trash collection team were both dressed as "Grime Fighting Super Heroes". As you will see and hear, Andrea and her children thought this was an amazing morning and very thankful for these two fellows ingenuity in easing some of the stress the virus has brought onto everyone. This shows that even in times of community distress, a simple act of kindness can calm a community for even a short time. These men are truly Super Heroes.