Shogun - The Muscular Micro-Bully With $10,000 Pups I BIG DOGZ

Published April 3, 2020 2,556 Views

Rumble SELLING for up to $10,000 a pup, KeBully Kennels' micro bullies are 'pure luxury'. Mino Kerouani has been breeding pitbulls for over a decade and has gradually reduced the size of his litters throughout the years. Mino told Truly: "A couple of years ago, everyone wanted pocket and standard bullies, right now all they want is micros." KeBully is run as a family business, and Mino travels in first class to personally deliver each dog he sells. He maintains a relationship with his customers, regularly checking on them. His main stud Shogun is the perfect example of a micro bully, having won Mino various international prizes. "In the future I want to be the best breeder in the world," he said.