I Have 7 Lions And They've Tried To Kill Me | BEAST BUDDIES

Published April 2, 2020 768 Views

Rumble MEET the daredevil who has been training exotic animals for film and television for over thirty years. Lions, cheetahs, hyenas, monkeys and caracals are only some of the animals that Luke Cornell lives with in South Africa. Luke first started working with animals on set in 1988, and he has never looked back since. Luke told Truly: "I was catching snakes and bringing them to set, I had no idea you could make a career out of it". Since then Luke has developed intimate relationships with these dangerous animals he works with daily. As part of their training for working on set, Luke's cheetahs are made to run after a fluffy toy. Truly filmed Luke feeding his lions, the most dangerous animals he owns. "Once you give them that big piece of meat, the real lion in them comes out and you see the killer come out - the big males have all tried to kill me," Luke said. Animals have enabled Luke to live his dream, as he describes what he does as more of a lifestyle than a career. "It's this or nothing," he said.