Amazing Animal Friendships: Doggy & Cheetah Playtime

Published April 2, 2020 141,793 Views

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThis unlikely pair are from Bush Garden in Tampa Park. The 8-week-old male cheetah cub and 16-week-old female mix puppy play together. Busch's animal experts expect their friendship to last a lifetime.

The pair, who were later named Kasi (cheetah) and Mtani (dog), spent only supervised play times together at first. A year later, they live together full time at the park's Cheetah Run.

Only approximately 12,400 cheetahs remain in the wild and they are on the U.S. Endangered Species Act list of threatened species.

Did you ever think that a cheetah and a dog could be best friends? If you watch this video, you will be totally amazed! Believe it or not, cheetahs are animals with a lot of personality and, in fact, they are quite shy, so they can relate to domesticated animals, such as dogs. Cheetahs seem to be quite aggressive animals, but in reality they are not. In fact they can be as smart as dogs to understand people and follow instructions. In this fun video, you can see how a cheetah and a dog are best friends and everyone at the zoo thinks their friendship will last a lifetime. The cheetah is eight weeks old and is called Kasi, and the dog is 16 weeks old and called Mtani. Despite being quite young, these two animals have a very good friendship. This happened at Bush Garden in Tampa Park, USA.

The cheetah is an exciting animal and does not go unnoticed by anyone. With sublime elegance and amazing features, he is an innate hunter. It seems that about 100,000 years ago, the cheetah migrated from North America to Africa. This place is still its natural habitat. It is said to have descended from North American cougars, but it appears that the cheetah preferred the tropical climate of Africa to the cold winters of America. However, there was a time when the cheetah showed a great inability to care for and protect its young, and was on the verge of extinction. Therefore, at that time its reproduction was carried out by few specimens, so its resemblance to all is very characteristic.

Despite its strength, the cheetah was robbed of prey by scavengers. Therefore, with the passage of time, it decided to carry out its day hunting tasks. In this way it prevented others from overtaking him. Something that helps him is its privileged sight. We could change the saying "eagle sight" to "cheetah sight," and the meaning would remain the same. Despite this, it is not usual to rush when hunting.

For example, a hungry lion is able to expend a lot of energy behind prey that he is not sure he will catch. The cheetah, however, waits and makes sure it will succeed. That makes it add strength and energy that it can use against its prey. In fact, it is 99% correct. To get it right, think about the terrain, and according to it, choose the tactic. If the terrain makes it easy for you to sneak up on them, they will try to attack from the closest possible place. But if the terrain does not allow you to observe from afar, the race will start from the longest distance.

The male does not help the female at all, neither in the care nor in the feeding of the cubs. The female takes care of everything, including teaching them to hunt. It does this with baby gazelles that offers them to awaken their hunting instincts. This is the information about the cheetah that we wanted to share with you so that you get closer to an animal that we may never be able to see live.

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