Should the Government be Setting Price Ceilings?

Published April 1, 2020 107 Views

Rumble My guest today is local Louisiana businessman Bobbie Ragsdale. He was Born and raised in New Orleans, graduate of Isidore Newman School, went on study American Politics at West Point and became president of the class of 2007. Commissioned as a Cavalry Officer and served on Active Duty until 2018, including deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan. Recipient of the Bronze Star Medal and former commander of the Army’s only Airborne Armored Cavalry unit. Transitioned to the Reserve in 2018 and became an officer in the Civil Affairs branch, a component of US Army Special Operations. Currently commands the Headquarters Company of 478th Civil Affairs (Airborne) in Miami, FL. While on Active Duty, was selected to pursue a Masters in Public Administration from Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. Now, as a civilian, works as a real estate developer and public policy consultant, while serving as a community leader in various charitable and political endeavors. Current candidate for the Jefferson Parish Republican Parish Executive Committee – District 4.

We’re going to get an update on his experiences in the New Orleans area during the pandemic response and then we’ll discuss a very tough subject from his businessman’s perspective, price gouging.
“Price gouging” is an emotionally laden term that doesn’t stand up to economic scrutiny. We should be referring to “the economics of emergency pricing.”

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