Bewildered Kitty Is Totally Overwhelmed By Litter Of Affectionate Puppies

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThis opal kitty gets a little too much puppy love in this adorable clip. So precious!

Have you ever seen a cute cat surrounded by adorable puppies that want to play? Look how adorable this is! When they are puppies, all dogs are very adorable and have a lot of energy and desire to play, so they can play with any animal or person that is inside the house. Also, puppies like to play with dogs or cats that are bigger than they are, as they feel protected and can also learn new things from adult dogs or cats. In this fun video, you can see how this cute cat is very puzzled and totally overwhelmed by this litter of adorable puppies. The puppies want to play and give love to the cute cat, but in the end, the cat feels that it is enough and manages to escape from them. This is just too cute!

Dogs and cats can get along very well. However, their way of interacting is different and this can lead to small disagreements or big fights. As many know, although cats can be abrupt, their way of playing is by far less physical than that of dogs, and this can cause problems inside the home. While cats like to run and move, their favorite games are those that involve stalking, hunting, or watching. Dogs enjoy running around, rolling around, biting each other, and of course, chasing.

Dogs and cats can get along very well, however, sometimes it is necessary to design strategies so that these disagreements do not lead to conflicts, especially because they can get hurt. But before continuing you must have in mind several elements that interfere in the coexistence between dogs and cats. Puppies learn from a young age to inhibit things like biting through play, however, a puppy of a few weeks will bite forcefully and could hurt the cat's skin.

Instinct is very important in determining the social interactions a dog will have with another animal, especially in dogs that belong to a specific breed. This is because these are selectively bred so that specific characteristics stand out. Therefore, dogs with a tendency to hunt, herd, or shoot prey will have the urge to chase small mammals, such as cats. Although this does not mean that they will be aggressive with the cat, the tendency to chase it can even exasperate it, causing it to react violently when you get fed up with the dog.

If your dog does not know a cat and you present one to him as much as possible, it will generate curiosity, sniffing, and chasing the cat. Dogs understand the differences between cats and dogs when they are well socialized (they know that they are smaller, agile), therefore they may also play rough with the cat because they are not used to doing it differently and will treat it like another dog.

Cats are cunning and will flee from a situation as soon as it becomes annoying. For this reason, the ideal is to have a considerable space and that the dog cannot reach it. This is important because if the cat is healthy and has an escape route it will take before confronting the dog,. It is only in cases where it feels cornered that it will react violently.