Fireball and Pineapple Are a Match Made in Whiskey Heaven on the Grill

Published March 31, 2020 54,263 Views

Rumble Looking for the perfect side dish to serve with your BBQ pulled pork? Try this fireball pineapple recipe from Malcom Reed, founder of How to BBQ Right on Youtube. Loaded with brown sugar, raw sugar, fireball whiskey, and ground cinnamon, this recipe features a whole pineapple grilled to perfection on a rotisserie spit. Caramelized and sweet, this grilled pineapple recipe is perfect as an appetizer or even topped on some cool vanilla ice cream.

How to Make Fireball Pineapple

To start, make sure your charcoal grill has a rotisserie rod or rotisserie setup. Once you have the grill set up, remove the pineapple skin with a sharp knife and cut small slits diagonally along the pineapple. This diamond pattern will make sure all the Fireball whisky soaks into the fruit.

Place the cut pineapple in a large ziplock storage bag and add a touch of fireball whisky. Let the pineapple marinate for at least two hours, turning the pineapple every 30 minutes to ensure every side of the pineapple is soaked. Mix together the cinnamon-sugar mixture and press on the pineapple and cook for a total of an hour, adding more cinnamon-sugar mixture when necessary.

Slide the pineapple off the rotisserie forks and enjoy your delicious grilled fireball pineapple slices.

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