Little boy receives birthday parade after his party was cancelled

Published March 31, 2020

Rumble / Everyday HeroesScot Michael’s 6th birthday party was cancelled due to the Coronavirus. His friends had a birthday parade to help him feel special!


  • Daniel, 9 weeks ago

    Like some cases in late September into October a patient wonders if they won't be around by Christmas when they hope they aren't in a HOA neighborhood when even the board is concerned of residents putting up their Christmas decorations up far too early when by August retailers had their Halloween stock out. As another case one youth had sent out invitations to their friends for a birthday party when days before the big day their friends never responded when there is reports several professional sports teams responded to the request on social media to save the party. As the coronavirus epidemic had one youth's birthday party cancelled when due to social distancing measures taken their friends had still made them feel special by having a parade.

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  • Indira, 9 weeks ago

    Happy birthday to Michael. Next year he will have amazing birthday parade. Great upload👍❤️

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  • reincast, 9 weeks ago


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  • ReillyBoi, 8 weeks ago


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