Talented Indian bread makers have a little factory behind restaurant

Published March 30, 2020 1,289 Views $0.05 earned

Rumble / Fascinating PeopleThere is a restaurant on the main highway between Agra and Jaipur where you can get delicious food and naan bread that tastes like it just came off the hot coals minutes before it was on your table. And there's a very good reason that it tastes so fresh. That's because it did just come off the coals.

In a quiet little corner, behind the restaurant, this couple are working away in a tiny bakery that consists of a small wood fire and a hot plate. They are shaded by a small sheet of tin as they sit on mats and stools. This smiling lady works the dough with practiced hands that move quickly and gracefully to form a small lump. She then rolls the dough flat with a small rolling pin before placing it on a hot stone over a wood fire for a few minutes. Once it has become firm, she flips it directly onto the fire that is tended by her partner. She begins making another as he turns the naan several times while it rises and browns on the coals. After the bread has cooked on the fire for a few minutes, he places it in a metal pot. Within moments, a waiter will show up and take the bread, still steaming, to a nearby table.

To watch the precision and speed with which these two work is amazing. It is no wonder their tiny operation is able to keep up with the appetites of the hungry patrons. When asked about the process, this lady happily explained her recipe and her technique. They were even willing to demonstrate their craft more slowly so that it could be filmed. It seemed obvious that they were happy in their work and took pride in their product. A suitable tip was left to thank them for their time and of course, for the delicious bread.

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