Our Giant Pitbull Family |Big Dogz

Published March 27, 2020 540 Views

Rumble MEET the giant pitbull family! Rasit Kaplan and his wife Jenny live in Rotterdam, Netherlands, with their three children - and their army of XL American bullies. Rasit and Jenny run Giant Bully Pitbulls, the home of some of Europe's most powerful dogs. "When I was young my mother told me, you will have a zoo with your own animals," Rasit said. "It's not quite a zoo, but I have my own kennel. I like big dogs, strong dogs, who are also disciplined." The couple got their first bully, Tyson, in 2009, although he sadly passed away at the end of 2019. Rasit said: "Tyson was my first XL dog. Before that time pitbulls were banned in the Netherlands. He was the father or grandfather to all of my dogs, he was very special." Tyson's legacy lives on in dogs like his son Magnum, a 150lb colossus who commands a 3,500 euros stud fee and Rasit says is "priceless". The company's latest breakout stars include Magnum's son Bokito the Silverback, who weighs in at 120lb despite only recently celebrating his first birthday and Rasit's "million dollar girl" Mystique - an all-black XL female who Rasit was offered 30,000 euros for when she was only a week old. Jenny said: "What makes her special is that she's fully black like a panther, not a single white hair on her body. She's one of the most rare dogs in Europe, maybe even the world." Rasit and Jenny spend an incredible 12,000 euros a year on dog food. The couple walk their pack 12 times a day and say that they feel entirely comfortable with their dogs around their children, aged 3, 10 and 13, and that the breed's reputation for aggression is unfounded. Rasit said: "These dogs, if you raise them well, they have the best character, they are so sweet. We are one big giant pitbull family!"