It's Safe To Say That This Cat Doesn't Like Bananas

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Rumble / Cats & KittensHave you ever thought about including fruits and vegetables in your cat's daily diet? Maybe you should make sure your cat likes bananas! The truth is that fruits and vegetables are a very good source of vitamins, allowing cats to be in good health, but the truth is that not all cats like to eat fruits and vegetables, some even get very upset when their owners give them fruit. This cat named Tito seems to have a strong hatred for bananas as he is in charge of hitting the banana while he is on the ground, obviously, Tito does not want bananas to be added to his daily diet so he wants to get rid of the banana. Tito hates bananas!

learn that there are healthy and natural alternatives to traditional pet food. Before starting to change the diet of your animal, however, it is key to document yourself and know what is beneficial for him. If your pet does not usually eat fruit regularly, it is likely that too abrupt a change in their diet will end up causing diarrhea or vomiting. Therefore, try to introduce new elements little by little to allow your stomach to get used to it.

It is also important to mention that fruits are high in sugar, so it is not recommended to incorporate too much into the cats' diet, which can end up with diabetes. There are certain varieties that have less sugar than others, yes, and those will be the ones that we suggest as fruits that cats can eat safely.

The potassium present in bananas will help your cat's heart and kidney, making it a great addition to your cat's diet. In addition, the banana provides a feeling of satiety that can help overweight cats to better carry their diet. The only problem with feeding your cat bananas is that they are high in sugar and carbohydrates, so it is recommended to control the amounts well. Cutting them into slices can be a good way to moderate your consumption.

Apple is a fruit with high fiber content and low sugar content, which makes it an excellent choice for cats of a certain age, overweight or with a slow metabolism. In addition, it is a source of vitamin C and vitamin A, which will help keep your cat's tissues and bones healthy. It is important to remove the seeds and the heart, which contain cyanide.

Although it does not seem to be the favorite fruit of cats (although it is that of dogs), we must not ignore the amount of vitamin C that it can bring to your pet's diet. With this vitamin, your cat's immune system will benefit, but it will also help it get rid of toxins. The main drawback of oranges is their skin, as well as their seeds. The oils naturally present in oranges can be poisonous to some animals, so offer only the pulp to your cat to prevent it from getting sick. Not all citrus is good for cats: lime, lemon, and grapefruit can vomit.

Tito makes his feelings about bananas well known in this hilarious clip. Check it out!

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