Mom fist bumping with baby causes hilarious giggle fit

Published March 24, 2020

Rumble / Babies & KidsHarvey the 10 month old little guy in the video loves to play with his mom and dad. During play time and lunch time, mom Megan likes to make the activity as fun as possible to keep little Harvey engaged. Making faces and fist bumping with Harvey has started some hilarious times. A fist bump is a gesture similar in meaning to a handshake or high five.

A fist bump can also be a symbol of giving respect or approval, as well as companionship between two people. Over time, Harvey has learned that if he holds his hands up, mom and dad will fist bump with him which he finds quite hilarious. Whether it is the interaction, or the funny noises his mom makes while performing the fist bumps, Harvey bursts into laughter. Seeing him enjoy his meal as much as playtime shows he is a very happy child.


  • MimiRabbit, 9 weeks ago

    Nice kid has fun :)

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    • cdngreenwaterdiver, 9 weeks ago

      he is a very happy baby, parents are doing a great job raising him

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  • bia1989, 9 weeks ago

    Adorable video, my friend! I've subscribed your channel! ^^

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  • familybph201421, 1 week ago

    Love it

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  • cdngreenwaterdiver, 1 week ago

    Glad you enjoyed my video and grandsons giggles

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