Twins Preciously Find The Courage To Find Mommy During A Thunderstorm

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Rumble / Babies & KidsAre you one of those people who are afraid of storms? Watch these children discover how to search for their mother when a storm hits! Fear of storms is quite common, especially in children, which is why children sometimes run away from their room to go to their parents' room and take refuge while the storm passes. Some people never overcome the fear of storms, the truth is that when this problem continues, it is necessary to ask for the help of a specialist to be able to sleep peacefully on rainy nights. It's just a passing storm!

These three-year-old twins are afraid of storms, so when the twins see that the storm is too strong, they immediately agree to go find Mom and take refuge with her while the storm ends. One of the babies has more leadership than the other, so he wakes up and takes his brother's hand to leave the room as soon as possible and go to the room where his mother is. This pair of cufflinks do excellent teamwork, as they can coordinate perfectly to go find Mom. This is really interesting!

Laughing, crying, getting angry, and experiencing emotions is common in children and adults. Feeling scared, too. It is normal and even positive since it supposes a state of alert that protects from possible risks. There are common fears in almost all children, characteristic of each evolutionary stage, which will be overcome with a little help almost spontaneously. We only need to worry if the fears linger too long or cause a disproportionate state of anxiety.

Fear of strangers, separation from their parents, darkness, and school are evolutionary fears. They are fears common to almost all children, most of them temporary, of little intensity and typical of a specific evolutionary stage. They are associated with the different phases of development and vary as the cognitive, social, or emotional characteristics of children evolve.

However, each one, depending on their personal characteristics and their experiences, will experience these fears differently or at different times than others, or even never experience a certain fear. A child who has been abused by a dog will not react the same way as another whose experiences with animals have been positive.

When they are babies they may react with a start or cry; later, in addition to crying, they try to avoid at all costs the source that causes them fear, they seek the company of an adult to protect them. Sometimes, simply, they experience some change in their habitual behavior, for example, they can manifest some regression in their habits, turning to pee on the bed or sucking their thumb when they have already stopped doing so. Fears are not a cause for great concern, but if they are so intense and persistent that they negatively affect the child's development, daily life or studies, and the family, despite their efforts, does not know how to handle the situation. , it would be convenient to visit a professional.

When twin three year olds decide the thunderstorm is too scary, they convince each other to go downstairs to find Mommy! One is a little more reluctant and requires a hand hold before getting out and it’s cuteness overload.

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