Self Quarantine Doggy Plays Tug-Of-War With Tree Branch

4 years ago

Have you seen what happens when a dog is bored in quarantine? It may be a good idea to play tug-of-war with tree branches! Playing tug of war is one of the activities that dogs like the most since it can strengthen many parts of their body and at the same time have a lot of fun. Smart dogs look for the solution to all problems, for this reason, in this case, the dog uses a tree branch instead of a rope, the dog knows that he must have fun in one way or another so as not to get bored during quarantine. You can see how the dog is very excited playing tug of war with the branches of the tree, it can even jump very high to hold the branches of the tree. You have to look for fun in times of quarantine!

Are dogs happy outside the home? It is true that in the past, and especially in rural areas, practically all families left their dogs outside. But it was not a choice related to dirt or hair: the majority of dogs residing abroad were livestock guard dogs or guard dogs. A dog is happy in the field when we go on excursions, walks and even when we spend an entire afternoon playing ball. However, dogs are social animals that are used to living in a "pack", so spending long hours in solitude makes them vulnerable to feeling lonely, bored and marginalized. One of the most common problems in dogs that spend many hours alone is separation anxiety, which directly affects the behavior of the animal, making it anxious, stressed and destructive.

For that reason, and although we work obedience on a daily basis, we can suffer by observing how our dog becomes disobedient and begins to change his behavior. You may also begin to experience "resource protection" with the territory, conduct that can become aggressive and very dangerous, including to ourselves. The day to day with our pet helps us create a strong and close bond that will make him follow us, want to carry out our orders and in short, be happy.

On the other hand, it should also be considered that the most intelligent dog breeds (which are currently the most used in security and surveillance) are the ones that suffer the most from being abroad. Dogs like the German Shepherd, Doberman Pinscher or Belgian Shepherd Malinois require very important mental, social and physical stimulation that, if not complied with, can lead to serious behavioral problems.

It is important that you understand that the dog is not an animal that is going to spend long hours lying down and doing nothing, on the contrary, it needs to run, play, discover and be happy. For that reason, the day will come when the dog will decide to leave the garden or field in which he resides looking for an insect to chase or a trail that will take him somewhere. It will become an adventurous dog which means that it can run away to other houses to steal food or the forest along with the presence of wild boars, for example. Many people in this situation will decide to tie him, so the poor animal will have to spend the rest of his life in chains.

Check out this pup playing tug-of-war with a tree branch. Priceless!

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