If You Watch Closely You Can See This Baby Having The Hiccups

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Rumble / Babies & KidsHave you ever seen a baby have a hiccup attack? But this baby has not yet emerged from its mother's womb! If you look closely, this baby has hiccups and causes rhythmic movements in his mother's uterus. It is known that anyone can have hiccups regardless of age, but surely they have never seen anything like this. Hiccup attacks are often fun for the viewer, as the movements made by the affected person during hiccups are really fun, however in this case there is a lot of tenderness. This woman's tummy moves rhythmically every time the baby hiccups, which is really adorable and interesting, maybe the baby wants to let her mother know that she really wants to be born to know everyone. You will never see a hiccup attack as adorable as this!

Babies make some sounds that often scare some parents. Hiccups are one of them as it seems to be bothering and making your fragile little baby uncomfortable. However, what seems like a nuisance is actually not. The baby does not feel any pain or discomfort when he hiccups. Hiccups are very common. According to some studies, 80 percent of newborn babies experience it. They are harmless and do not require treatment or too much attention. In the same sudden way that hiccups appear, they disappear. Its frequency decreases from the baby's six months of age.

In most cases, hiccups are caused by the immaturity of the nervous system, which, due to the lack of adequate control, causes sudden and irregular contractions of the diaphragm. The breathing muscles (those that separate the chest from the abdomen) become stronger and try to work in harmony. Because of that, anything that irritates the diaphragm will cause the muscle to have repetitive spasms, which we call hiccups. The diaphragm can be altered by excessive food intake, a quick sip, swallowing air, or even a change in temperature.

Hiccups usually last very little in babies. Therefore, no great effort or techniques are needed to remove them. As we have stated before, it goes the same way it came. Adults also have hiccups and many use some ideas to get rid of it. Some say that with a good scare, the hiccups go away. Others remove the hiccups by drinking a glass of water with a stuffy nose or holding their breath for a few seconds. There are those who bet on repeating an action many times, others on concentration. They are methods that work for some, and for others, no. We certainly won't be able to use these methods with babies. There are no magic formulas to remove hiccups from a baby.

A baby is at higher risk for hiccups if he swallows air while breastfeeding. In this case, the mother must stop breastfeeding the baby. After a few minutes, you should restart your work to breastfeed, but taking care to avoid the entry of air. Temperature changes can also cause hiccups. So that this does not happen, always seek to change your baby in an environment without drafts, and very well sheltered. Before we forget, parents should seek medical advice only in cases where the baby hiccups do not go away and end up causing crying on the part of the baby.

It's normal for babies to have hiccups before they are born, but it's so cool to actually see it happening!

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